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For prospective clients, I offer a comfortable and safe space - using TeleHealth- where we can navigate and work on challenging issues together. My goal is to help you feel more empowered, and I am here to offer support through every step of your journey. I work with adults and children (ages 2-11), and specialize in the areas of: anxiety, trauma, phobias, grief/loss, and relational healing. My approach is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. I draw from several techniques and modalities, including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), guided imagery / Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), integrative/prescriptive play therapy, and more.

If you are a prospective client looking for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), I can offer a modified version of ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) at this time via TeleHealth. ART is an eye movement therapy based on EMDR, and is highly useful in reducing the "triggers" and negative memories often connected to trauma, phobias, anxiety, or relational conflict. ART is often very effective in reducing symptoms especially related to any type of anxiety. ART is best suited for adults and older children.

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If you have a child in need of support , I currently offer Tele-PLAY Therapy services to support children and families. I offer a safe and fun space for children to explore and work through difficult emotions and situations. I involve significant family members in a likewise caring way, to promote the healing power of family relationships.

** Please refer to the 'Services Provided' page for more information on Play Therapy and my approach.

In addition to counseling for adults and children, I offer consultation, supervision, and training in the area of play therapy for students and other mental health professionals. I have well over 150 hours in play therapy-specific training - including 30 hours in the area of supervision for play therapists. Specific models of play therapy that I am trained in and use, are child-centered play therapy (CCPT), sand tray therapy, cognitive-based play therapy, and integrative play therapy (where I combine two or more models). Currently I am in training to become certified at the foundational level in Theraplay.

** Please refer to the 'Services Provided' page for more information on clinical and professional services I offer.

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